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Do you have a receipt for you great bread oil that you could share?

can't go wrong with extra virgin olive oil and a good balsamic with some fresh cracked black pepper

Gluten free? Hoping they carry noodles and bread

Hello Gerri yes we carry Gluten free pasta it's penne pasta. And no we do not carry Gluten free bread. Thank you Lori Ross

Are you open seven days a week?

Closed on Sundays

Is it expensive to eat there

Reasonably priced. I had a beer, my wife ordered a salad and then we had our dinners for about $55 including generous tip.

Do you have a happy hour

Call them. Not sure if they still have happy hour

can you ship me some of the olive oil dip to St. Louis?

Most likely just ask

Do you serve real spaghetti carbonara, not Alfredo Sauce.

Yes they can

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